Nanobox, is an anti­bac­te­rial con­ta­iner. The han­dles, clips, and the con­ta­iner itself con­tain silver micro­par­tic­les. Thanks to this, the loc­ka­ble con­ta­iner is safer and helps to pre­se­rve the fre­sh­ness and cle­an­li­ness of its con­tents. Micro-silver par­tic­les have a pro­ac­tive bac­te­ri­ci­dal effect aga­inst micro­bes every time Nanobox is ope­ned and clo­sed, pre­ven­ting bac­te­ria or fungi being pas­sed onto the con­ta­iner thro­ugh direct con­tact. Microsilver has an effec­ti­ve­ness rate of almost one hun­dred per­cent and inhi­bits the growth of bac­te­ria and fungi, which is a step for­ward to living heal­thier.



Nanobox thanks to the silver micropar­tic­les in its han­dles, clips, and the con­ta­iner itself, ensu­res gre­ater safety, more fre­sh­ness and cle­an­li­ness in eve­ry­day life. The anti­bac­te­rial pro­per­ties of silver micro­par­tic­les are per­fec­tly suited for public pla­ces such as kin­der­gar­tens, scho­ols and uni­ver­si­ties, etc.

Nanobox con­ta­iners can also be used in hospi­tals and other medi­cal insti­tu­tions, where hygiene is a prio­rity, and which reco­gnize its effec­ti­ve­ness in active pro­tec­tion aga­inst viru­ses, fungi and bac­te­ria, espe­cially E. coli. Its uni­que pro­per­ties are the result of its spe­cial inte­rac­tions with micro­or­ga­nism cells.

They cause, among others, the bloc­king of enzy­mes which have impor­tant func­tions in the pro­cess of the mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of micro­bes, which leads to their neu­tra­li­za­tion.

Micro-silver can signi­fi­can­tly improve the quality of exi­sting pro­ducts, inc­lu­ding con­ta­iners, giving them new featu­res that are use­ful in eve­ry­day life. Due to the fact that micro-silver is odor­less, safe for allergy suf­fe­rers, and has anti­bac­te­rial and oxi­da­tion pro­per­ties reaching 99%, Nanobox is inten­ded espe­cially for pla­ces where ste­ri­lity and hygiene are cru­cial.



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